“So far, North County Mobile Electronics has installed 3 stereos, 2 navigation systems, 1 security system, and tinted 4 cars in my family. Every one of those jobs has been top notch. Their prices are reasonable and we’ve had no problems with anything they’ve done to our cars! The guys there know what they’re doing and are clearly experienced.” Kyle H.

“Mike Lewis is a professional who is easy to do business with.  Their staff is friendly and definitely know what they are doing. I would recommend their shop.” Betsy M.

“Mike knows his business.  I have had him put in a several thousand dollar system in my newer car.  There are a lot of cheap places to get stereo work done, and some very high end places.  Mike is in the middle with a great range of products to fit your budget and he’ll make the right choices to fit your budget and listen to your needs.  I’ve been going to the shop for 10 years and done work with three cars.  I can’t say enough good things about Mike and his guys.” Vincent F.

“I am a car audio enthusiast.  I have been involved with the industry for many years.  North County Mobile does quality installation – installation with the utmost attention to detail. No bulges of wires or signs of hack installation.  Seeing their work, I can vouch they spend time to really do the job right and take the time to maintain organized and clean installation.” Justin P.

“I’ve had two cars upgraded here in the past two years, and I am completely satisfied and very impressed with the work they’ve done. Yes, it’s going to cost more than a big box store or some shady electronics shop to do it, but the work quality is off the charts. They make knowledgeable suggestions that aren’t overkill if you have no idea what you need. They install components out of sight and keep the wiring in the walls, not all over your trunk and backseat. I would never go anywhere else, Mike is the man.” Evan A.

“I have gone to Mike for years for all my mobile needs. He installed a great multi function Kenwood system in my Lexus with Navi, CD, DVD, ipod player, radio, you name it it has it and fits right into the exact spot where the old radio was located and looks sharp. He also wired our truck camper with inside and outside speakers and multi speakers in the camper itself. He has done other smaller jobs for me too, all turned out well.

Last time I was there, I found out there is an excellent glass replacement shop right in the same space as Mike; First Glass and they replaced my damaged windshield on my Miata helping me make the claim with my insurance company and all I had to pay was my deductible.

You can get your windows tinted there too. 

Located right on Oceanside Blvd #2950, now just west of the NAPA store on the south side of the street.

Highly recommended based on all my past experience with this and now these businesses at the same location.” Carol F.

“Brought my wife’s car to have it upgraded.  This place is the best!  I remember when they were located at a different location in Oceanside.  They do awesome work.  I would highly recommend Mobile Electronics!” Kyle B.


I have installed bluetooth on two of my cars here, and referred my family to have another 3 cars installed.  The service has been outstanding from day one.  A couple of times, I wanted to change settings and another time something was funky with the system and they always gladly helped on the phone or fixed the problem with no charge or replaced the damaged item immediately.  Mike runs a great, honest business here.  Thank you NCME! CK.


7 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Scheduled to have the windows tinted in my car but before I left I bought a new sound system too. North County Mobile had a new one I have been waiting for to go one sale and I found the best deal here. It took a while to get everything installed and for the the windows but well worth it.

  2. The tech who did the tint on my Audi was awesome. I turned out very well and I wil recommend you to anyone looking for tint!

  3. Thanks for going out of your way to order exactly what I was looking for. Everything thing is great and ai appreciate the fast install.

  4. Your guys were really fast and did a good job on the install of my system. Only took about an hour after I decided on the one I wanted. I will recommend your shop to friends.

  5. M E has made me a believer in awesome auto sound that I thought couldn’t happen in a car. (w/o taking a mortgage on the house!) Custom woofer box, 3 amps, 7 spkrs, a sound processor, Viper pager alarm and other niceties. Wonderful experience. Mike and the staff were professional and helpful to a fault! Over & above the norm. Mike’s honesty & Billie’s expertise are exceptional! I will never let anyone but M E touch (any of) my sound system(s) again. Enuff said?! Bert

  6. Mike has been hooking me up for over 20 years. Great guy, fair pricing, super professional, relaxed environment; he has made many rides shake the spot; this is the only place to go in NCSD

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